Accelerated Resolution Therapy

Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) is an evidence-based eye movement technique, promoting lasting relief for a variety of struggles.   ART does not require much verbal interaction during the session.  Clients may choose to share however much or little they wish.  The work is done in the mind of the client, with bilateral eye movements and being led through the steps by the provider.  ART is non-invasive and actually creates a calming response in the body and mind.  This therapy alleviates symptoms of trauma, depression, anxiety, compulsions, negative behavioral patterns, addiction, and more.   The fascinating process of ART allows the brain to re-consolidate memories, changing the response to them.  Through the ART process, clients find relief from the main sources (roots) of suffering, leaving lasting results.  In approximately 3-5 weekly sessions, clients report significant improvements in daily functioning.   

ART is also useful for enhancing performance and strengthening the mind.  Athletes, musicians, executives, and public speakers have found ART useful to sharpen skills and eliminate mental obstacles in achieving goals.

If you are truly motivated to feel a change and improve your way of life, ART is for you.

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