It’s all about Balance.

In life and on the yoga mat, Balance is a constant practice.  Balance in mood, emotion, physical body, and life in general…  it’s a challenge!  Finding time in a hectic schedule to cater to all areas of life can feel impossible.  But I promise you it’s worth the extra effort.  In yoga class, we learn that our drishti (eye) gaze is key to finding stillness in a pose.  Same goes for off the mat and in the World.  What we focus on, either steadies us or rocks our foundation.  Pay attention to which is happening and know either way we have an opportunity to grow, to root down and grow.  When I feel unsteady in a pose or in life, I try to remember to lift my heart and feel myself connected to all that is.  By feeling more connected, I’m able to align with what I need to feel more Balanced.  Just don’t expect this feeling to last forever… like everything, balance comes and goes.  Each time we are able to steady ourselves, the process gets a little more familiar.  Each time we fall, we rise stronger and more capable of finding connectivity in life.


I’ve been having more of those “connected” moments these days.  Where it all just feels aligned, like I’m in the flow.  Even in the uncertainties that arise, I feel myself rooted strong.  I am aware these feelings are fleeting, like all feelings and experiences.  I will enjoy them as they come and go.  As I slip deeper into the collective consciousness of the universe, I become more in sync with my inner being, intuition.  Allowing each feeling to be a guide.  When I’m present and not thinking about the past or future, I see the colors in the trees, as the breeze blows a gentle kiss to the leaves.  I feel myself breathing, all the miraculous functions of my physical body.  All of my senses deliver me into this place where I am allowing life to flow as it needs to.  As it is meant to.  cropped-21462305_10155484893011043_2905944537970778495_n.jpg

Breathe Believe Receive

Every single moment of this lifetime provides an opportunity for growth.  Some of the most monumental breakthroughs occur on the other side of life’s harshest experiences.  We are in a constant state of metamorphosis, parts of us dying to be reborn again.  This is the flow.  Life is happening, whether we like it or not.  Might as well let go of that relentless grip and enjoy flowing through the journey.