My approach to teaching yoga aims to release suffering from students’ mind, body, and spirit.  Honoring all limbs of yoga, I enjoy threading an emotional/mental wellness piece into my teachings.  Whether in a group setting or one on one (remote or in person), I enjoy providing a sense of acceptance and relief for my students.


Remote Mindful Minute Meditation: These are 20 minute sessions, tailored Exclusively to your personal needs.  This is how I become your “pocket instructor,” Peace…at your fingertips.

Individual Yoga & Meditation via FaceTime or Skype: Take a time-out for 30 or 60 minutes of yoga practice.  Class is catered to heal whatever ails you.  From Gentle/Mindful Yoga to Hot Power, yoga just asks you to show up.  Now it’s easier than ever to get your practice in, wherever you may roam.


Friday: Heated Hatha Happy Hour 6:15pm (Trinity Yoga Studio)

*Room is heated to approximately 86 degrees as we move and breathe the week away.  (Mid-High intensity)

Saturday: pHIIT Yoga 10am (Trinity Yoga Studio)

*High Intensity Interval Training meets YOGA in this powerful session.  Modifications available.


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